Giving Your Interiors a Quick Facelift

Giving Your Interiors a Quick Facelift
 Ashley's love of fashion greatly influences her work as STARK's Creative Director, as she draws from current trends to develop designs and translates them into the most luxurious carpets and rugs.

1. A quick tip is to change out your pillows by season. Winter months call for dressier thicker fabrics such as this velvet and leopard pillows. In the summer switch them out for lighter colors and softer materials. It’s a quick was to freshen any room.

2. Create a fun fresh space by picking an accent wall and doing an over sized floral wallpaper. It’s a quick and easy way to create drama and change your look.  I am loving the granny chic look especially when paired with a deep rich velvet.

3. Paint a whole space white to brighten up any room even an attic as shown here. The all white gives a fresh clean look and makes any design pop.

4. Update your dining room by reupholstering a few of your chairs in a different color. Keep it in the same color family to make it work. The blues pop on the grey rug and grey chairs relate to the rug and the table making
the whole look cohesive yet playful.

5. Add a Moroccan rug to any space to add an extra touch of a cool laid back vibe. The rug here paired with the accents of brass and rich velvet make it so chic.

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