As third generation Starks, Ashley and Chad form the fresh new faces of the Stark brand; together they embrace the rich tapestry of the history of Stark, whilst staying true to the legacy of the brand by focussing upon innovation.


Ashley Stark-Kenner, Sr. Vice President of Design, merges her fashion forward visions for cutting-edge designs with classic Stark staples; Ashley’s eye for the eclectic, and vision for the traditional re-imagined, strikes a fine balance and has created a signature style for the Stark brand of today; get a glimpse into her world through Ashley’s Window.


Chad Stark, Sr. Vice President, today drives direction for the Stark brand, serving as the central figure behind the scenes and focussing upon continuing the growth of the business that has been so consistently achieved by his predecessors.  
Within what is now a digital age, Chad remains focussed upon innovation, which today expands to include customer service – as is perfectly illustrated by our unique Concierge Messaging service for trade account clients – which serves as a direct, digital line through to Chad Stark.