Historical restoration projects: Bringing vivid life to historic buildings 

Stark is the leader in providing carpet, fabric, and wallpaper for historic restoration projects. 
Our services include the re-creation of period carpets meticulously sourced and diligently installed by our historical restoration project teams. 
Our archives span hundreds of designs and documents, each hailing from different periods of time.  What’s more with a talented team of artists, who each have a finely honed sympathetic skillset for period furnishings, our design studio can create detailed reproductions for carpet, fabric or wallpaper.

Restoring historical properties with age old techniques

Our historical restoration services are defined by authenticity, so much so that we utilise many of the same original methods for creating the products that will eventually grace the walls and floors of the period property that is being lovingly restored; this includes using the same looms and installation techniques for our carpets; hand-weaving Lampas, damask, and brocatelle fabrics; carefully recreating wallpapers and hand-painting scenic murals – just as they were each created centuries ago.


Comprehensive research: A bespoke approach to each project

Beyond the collection of services for the property in restoration, we undertake extensive detailed research upon every single restoration project that we work upon to ensure authenticity – delivering a truly tailored approach spanning from our design creations, to our customer service.


Expert consultants: Defined by experience

We’re home to a range of experienced historical restoration experts who can identify original carpeting, whether this be Axminster, Wilton, Brussels weave or chenille; and our portfolio of previous projects has led to us becoming known as specialists for reproductions of Aubusson and Savonnerie carpets, as well as oriental carpets.


We’ve been entrusted with some of the world’s most important historical restoration projects

Our previous historical restoration projects include The White House in Washington, D.C.; The Franklin D. Roosevelt home in Hyde Park, New York, and The Vanderbilt Mansion.


An Account Manager who’s always on hand

Your Stark Account Manager is always on hand to help, provide advice and guide you within your efforts to recreate, restore and rejuvenate the period building that you’re retuning to its former glory.