At Stark, our business is founded on the creation and development of beautiful custom carpets. Each and every carpet that we produce is individually tailored to our clients’ brief, and through our design studio we bring the visions and ideas of our clients to life.

We will manage the entire process - from providing the finest design, to delivering the end product that is a testament to our quality of craftsmanship.

Our process
Our custom services span almost every form of carpet, including Wilton, Axminster, hand tufted, hand knotted, contemporary and Oriental rugs; for each of these we follow the same fundamental process, just as we have for over 75 years. 

Step one: Welcome to our studio
We start each project with a meeting within our design studio, when a Stark Account Manager discusses the project with the interior designer, through which we truly get to grips with all that the designer envisages. Once we’ve established a clear design direction we then show the client some carefully selected samples from our design archive or, if the project commands a custom design, our artists begin to work their magic from the insight gained from the client.


Step two: An exploration of options
It's then a question of deciding upon the type and quality of carpet; the options placed before designers at this stage can be influenced by many elements such as the most appropriate quality to interpret the design, suitability for the intended purpose and numbers of colors required.

Choices include: handmade (which boasts almost no design limitations) or machine woven, to include Wiltons, Axminsters and printed carpets – which, whilst differing from handmade carpets, still provide for invaluable design flexibility, as well as an outstanding finish.


Step three: The design is brought to life
Throughout this iterative process we develop the design further by selecting colours from an unlimited array of colour poms. Once selected, our dye house uses the pom references to create the colour in the chosen fiber, wool, silk, cotton, bamboo silk, linen or any combination of fibres.

Meanwhile our artists will now have reached a stage where they can render the created pattern in pixel perfect detailing to illustrate just how the design will appear in final production.


Step four: The final approval
We gain the final approval on all artwork, colour and quality selections before forging ahead and bringing to life our artists’ designs, creating a wonderfully unique carpet.


Step five: A relentless approach to quality control and professional installation
Finally we arrive upon project completion, where our client’s beautifully unique carpet is crafted - meeting the stringent standards of Stark, and the high expectations of the interior designer and their end user. 

With rigorous quality control standards, each and every carpet that arrives within our fabrication and distribution centre is inspected and studied in painstaking detail. Once complete, the carpet is then ready for shipment to its destination, to be installed within the property – all undertaken by Stark's professional installation teams.