Why The Revel COLLECTION Has Nuance and Staying Power

Learn how the carpets in the Revel Collection create beautiful, luxurious foundations that transcend traditional woven Wilton style by reinventing classic patterns with softer colors.


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Our role in the history of broadloom

The Revel Collection really brings us back to our roots. The carpet industry was founded in the late 1700s and focused solely on narrow width carpet that was 27” wide. Arthur Stark imagined more. He worked with loom manufacturers to develop the first wide loom – or broadloom, as it is known today – and was one of the first to import those products into America.


Made with 5-frame Wilton Looms

The 5-frame Wilton is part of what makes STARK unique. Not many manufacturers use this technique, which limits the amount of colors and vibrancy that their carpets can have. A product of only two or three colors greatly restricts the complexity of the design. With 5 colors incorporated into your carpet, the design of the room can be considerably expanded. The 5-frame Wilton allows us to blend 5 complex colors to create patterns that are simple, elegant, and contemporary all at the same time–diminishing limitations while heightening creativity.

revel-col-three revel-col-three


The Revel Collection is a blend of classic pattern put together in a more modern, fashionable way. It has a great juxtaposition of elegance and patterns, which allow it to combine perfectly with a contemporary interior. Revel is a tradition, but it’s not limited to just traditional. You can mix it in many different ways. It has a great range of scale from larger to smaller patterns. It doesn’t need to match, but still creates a cohesive atmosphere. The beauty of this collection is its simplicity. Most products are loud and vying for attention. Revel brings together all aspects of the room making everything unified. It plays well with others creating a symphony instead of a solo.



Stark is a pioneer in broadloom production. The Revel Collection is inspired by worldly designs, but it is all made here in the USA. One of these patterns began its life as railway carpet in the Pullman railroad cars. Stark reintroduced this in the 80s and 90s; it was one of the most classic patterns of that era. It has again been reintroduced in the Revel collection, with contrast and colors swapped out to give it an entirely new look. This is what we are looking for in design: something that has been in existence since 1880, became chic in the 1990s and plays well with others in 2017. This goes beyond trend. This is style, not fashion.