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January 18, 2018
11 Trends to Transform Your Space
11 Trends to Transform Your Space

Stark’s Creative Director, Ashley Stark Kenner, shared her insider tips for this season’s luxury flooring trends with Harper's Bazaar #TheLIST.


Moody Indigo

"Deep indigo is a trend I am seeing everywhere. When done in luxurious silk it creates such a beautiful statement."

shown in Vebb Navy ‘Verra Collection’


Home on the Range

"Antelope carpet is so hot right now in any color. I especially like it in the grey–that feels modern and fresh."

shown in Antilocarpa stone


Step lively

"I am loving bold staircases. By adding a geometric design, you make the staircase a focal point. Steven Gambrel chose a powerful David Hicks design that creates some serious eye candy."

shown in logo Greige


Mad for moroccan

"I love Moroccan rugs. They make any room cozy and laid back. It’s especially cool to layer it in a bedroom, creating warmth and depth. I love how it envelops this vanity corner."

shown in Moroccan


au natural

"There is nothing like a neutral organic room that’s full of textures. The anchor of this room design by Alyssa Kapito is a wonderful sisal that gives a depth to the space. It makes everything else pop. The vibe is laid back and timeless chic."

shown in pecola natural


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